Maine Revised Statutes

§471. Judicial Conference of Maine

There shall be a Judicial Conference of Maine composed of judges and justices who shall advise and consult with the Supreme Judicial Court and the Chief Justice on matters affecting the administration of the Judicial Department, who shall review and discuss proposals from the Chief Justice and the State Court Administrator which affect the administration of the Judicial Department and who shall meet at least once each year for that purpose. [1977, c. 544, §11 (AMD).]

No member of said conference shall receive any compensation for his services, but said conference and the several members thereof shall be allowed, out of judicial appropriation, such expenses for clerical and other services and travel incidentals as the State Court Administrator shall approve. [1975, c. 408, §19-A (NEW).]

1975, c. 408, §§19-A (NEW). 1977, c. 544, §11 (AMD).