Maine Revised Statutes

§501. Appointment; fees

In all cases in the Supreme Judicial or in the Superior Court in which the court appoints one or more persons, not exceeding 3, as referees, masters or auditors, to hear the same, their fees and necessary expenses, including stenographic services as determined by the Chief Justice or the Chief Justice's designee, must be paid by the State on presentation of the proper certificate of the clerk of courts for the county in which such case is pending, or by such of the parties, or out of any fund or subject matter of the action, which is in the custody and control of the court, or by apportionment among such sources of payment, as the court may direct. The amount thereof must be fixed by the court upon the coming in of the report. These referees, masters and auditors shall notify the parties of the time and place of hearing and have power to adjourn. Witnesses may be summoned and compelled to attend and may be sworn by the referees, masters or auditors. When there is more than one referee, master or auditor, all must hear, but a majority may report, stating whether all did hear. Their report may be recommitted. They may be discharged and others appointed. [2009, c. 166, §1 (AMD).]

No fee or compensation other than necessary expenses may be paid any Justice of the Supreme Judicial or of the Superior Court for services as referee, master or auditor, but this provision does not apply to an Active Retired Justice. [2009, c. 166, §1 (AMD).]

No per diem fee, other than necessary expenses, may be paid any Official Court Reporter for services in these cases. [2009, c. 166, §1 (AMD).]

A referee appointed to hear a dispute concerning real property must report the referee's decision within one year of appointment by the court unless good cause for extending this period is shown. [2009, c. 166, §1 (NEW).]

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