Maine Revised Statutes

§454. Maine Criminal Justice Sentencing Institute

There is established a Maine Criminal Justice Sentencing Institute under the administrative supervision of the State Court Administrator to provide a continuing forum for the regular discussion of the most appropriate methods of sentencing convicted offenders and adjudicated juveniles by judges in the criminal justice system, prosecutors, law enforcement and correctional personnel, representatives of advisory and advocacy groups and such representatives of the defense bar as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court may invite. All Supreme Judicial Court, Superior Court and District Court Judges, all District Attorneys and attorneys within the Criminal Division of the Office of the Attorney General are, and such other criminal justice personnel as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court may authorize may be, members of the institute. [1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §11 (AMD); 1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §80 (AFF).]

When sufficient funding is allocated by the Legislature, the institute shall meet , at the call of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, for a 2-day period to discuss recommendations for changes in the sentencing authority and policies of the State's criminal and juvenile courts, in response to current law enforcement problems and the available alternatives for criminal and juvenile rehabilitation within the State's correctional system. Inasmuch as possible the deliberations of the institute must be open to the general public. [2013, c. 159, §9 (AMD).]

Members of the institute are not entitled to receive compensation for their services, but are allowed, out of any appropriation or other fund made available for the purpose, such expenses for clerical and other services, travel and incidentals as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court may authorize. [1997, c. 134, §6 (AMD).]

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