Maine Revised Statutes

§552. Examination of applicants; subjects included; license; endorsement

The applicant shall submit an application for examination together with the required examination fee as set under section 558. The examination must include the subjects of anatomy, physiology, symptomatology, hygiene, sanitation, chemistry, pathology, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, dietetics, bacteriology, chiropractic analysis, the principles and practice of chiropractic as taught in reputable chiropractic schools and colleges and any other subjects the board determines necessary. If the examination is passed in a manner satisfactory to the board, the board shall issue, upon payment of the required license fee as set under section 558, to the applicant a license granting that individual the right to practice chiropractic in this State. [2005, c. 262, Pt. A, §4 (AMD).]

The board may waive the examination requirements and grant a license to any applicant who presents proof of being licensed to practice in another jurisdiction of the United States or another country whose licensing requirements are considered by the board to be substantially equivalent to or higher than those set forth in this chapter, if no cause exists for denial of a license under section 503-B or Title 10, section 8003, subsection 5-A, paragraph A. The applicant shall pay the required license fee as set under section 558. [2007, c. 695, Pt. B, §6 (AMD).]

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