Maine Revised Statutes

§937. Dissolution

Except as provided in section 938, any corporation organized under this chapter may be dissolved by using the procedures set forth in Title 13-B, chapter 11 and deliver for filing with the Secretary of State the required certificates, signed and dated by the clerk or secretary of the corporation. Solely for the purposes of this section and the dissolution of a corporation organized under this chapter, each member with voting rights of the corporation, or if the corporation does not have members with voting rights, each director, trustee or member of the managing board, however designated, has one vote for the purposes of calling, noticing, conducting and holding meetings and voting at those meetings, and for the purpose of commencing or otherwise participating as a party in civil actions in respect of dissolution, but for no other purposes. In addition to other parties who may commence or participate in such civil actions as provided in the law relating to corporations organized under this chapter, the Attorney General may commence, or otherwise participate in, any civil action relating to the dissolution of any corporation organized under this chapter. [2003, c. 523, §5 (AMD).]

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