Maine Revised Statutes

Title 13-B, Chapter  11: DISSOLUTION
13-B §1101. Voluntary dissolution
13-B §1101-A. Voluntary dissolution by incorporators
13-B §1102. Revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings
13-B §1103. Effect of statement of revocation of voluntary dissolution proceedings
13-B §1104. Articles of dissolution
13-B §1104-A. Bylaws; disposal of assets
13-B §1105. Dissolution pursuant to court order
13-B §1106. Procedure in liquidation of corporation by court
13-B §1107. Filing of claims in liquidation proceedings
13-B §1108. Discontinuance of liquidation proceedings
13-B §1109. Decree of dissolution
13-B §1110. Deposit with Treasurer of State of undistributed assets
13-B §1111. Survival of remedy after dissolution; liquidating trustees
13-B §1112. Grounds for administrative dissolution
13-B §1113. Procedure for and effect of administrative dissolution
13-B §1114. Reinstatement following administrative dissolution
13-B §1115. Appeal from denial of reinstatement
13-B §1116. Reinstatement of suspended corporate charter
13-B §1117. Revival of nonprofit corporation after dissolution