Maine Revised Statutes

§936. Facilities for winter sports

Any corporation organized under this chapter or under Title 13-B, and which owns, operates and maintains facilities for recreation for the benefit of the people of the State not as a commercial proposition, may enclose so much of the surface of any great pond, not exceeding 5 acres in area, during the time when said area is covered with ice, as is not being used for ice cutting operations, for the purpose of maintaining on said area facilities for winter sports of any kind; and shall have the right to exclude from said area persons not contributing to the financial support of said corporation, and may make and enforce rules and regulations for the use of said area for the purpose of insuring the use and enjoyment thereof and the protection of persons using said facilities. [1977, c. 525, §7 (AMD).]

1977, c. 525, §7 (AMD).