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124th Maine Legislature, First Regular Session

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HP 274
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An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2010 and June 30, 2011

Documents and DispositionLD 353, HP 274Text
LD 353
HP 274
Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
Fiscal Note

Adopted Amendments C-A (H-350)
Change Title
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note

Sponsored By: Representative Cain of Orono H-E to C-A (H-408)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note

Final DispositionEmergency Enacted, May 28, 2009
Governor's Action: Emergency Signed, May 28, 2009

Chaptered LawACTPUB
, Chapter 213

These are unofficial documents that may contain errors. See the Session Laws Of Maine (when available) for a final version. 

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Amendments to LD 353Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-350)
Change Title
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Johnson of GreenvilleH-B to C-A (H-388)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Cain of Orono, Adopted by House & SenateH-E to C-A (H-408)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative McFadden of DennysvilleH-A to C-A (H-377)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Clark of MillinocketH-D to C-A (H-395)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Crockett of AugustaH-G to C-A (H-415)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Clark of MillinocketH-C to C-A (H-394)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note
Sponsored By Representative Pratt of EddingtonH-F to C-A (H-411)
Word Document
Fiscal Status
Not Available
Fiscal Note

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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs on Feb 10, 2009.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, May 22, 2009, OTP-AM
Latest Committee Report: May 22, 2009


Committee Docket
Feb 26, 2009Work Session Held 
Feb 26, 2009Work Session HeldTabled
Mar 6, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 10, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 13, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 17, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 18, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 19, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 20, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 23, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 24, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 25, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 26, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 27, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 30, 2009Work Session Held 
Mar 31, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 1, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 2, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 3, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 6, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 7, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 8, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 9, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 10, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 13, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 14, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 15, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 16, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 17, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 22, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 23, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 24, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 26, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 27, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 28, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 29, 2009Work Session Held 
Apr 30, 2009Work Session Held 
May 1, 2009Work Session Held 
May 2, 2009Work Session Held 
May 3, 2009Work Session Held 
May 4, 2009Work Session Held 
May 5, 2009Work Session Held 
May 6, 2009Work Session Held 
May 7, 2009Work Session Held 
May 8, 2009Work Session Held 
May 9, 2009Work Session Held 
May 11, 2009Work Session Held 
May 12, 2009Work Session Held 
May 13, 2009Work Session Held 
May 14, 2009Work Session Held 
May 15, 2009Work Session Held 
May 18, 2009Work Session Held 
May 19, 2009Work Session Held 
May 19, 2009VotedOTP-AM
May 22, 2009Reported OutOTP-AM

View upcoming public hearings and work sessions for Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Divided Reports

No Divided Reports.

Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
32 1 AMDPublic Law213
41  AMDPublic Law213
428  NEWPublic Law213
410573-A AFFPublic Law213
410573-A AMDPublic Law213
416062 AMDPublic Law213
511  AMDPublic Law213
52857 RPRPublic Law213
52857-A NEWPublic Law213
52857-B NEWPublic Law213
5286-B2 AMDPublic Law213
51507 1 AMDPublic Law213
51507 13 AMDPublic Law213
515075-C NEWPublic Law213
515824 AMDPublic Law213
515913 AFFPublic Law213
515913 NEWPublic Law213
515913 NEWPublic Law213
51677  RPPublic Law213
533051M AMDPublic Law213
5170014A AMDPublic Law213
517704-B  AMDPublic Law213
5180561 AMDPublic Law213
739092 AMDPublic Law213
9-B1612H AMDPublic Law213
9-B1624 AMDPublic Law213
9-B1625 AMDPublic Law213
9-B1626 NEWPublic Law213
9-B1631 AMDPublic Law213
9-B1643 AMDPublic Law213
1010201F AMDPublic Law213
1010206-A AMDPublic Law213
101020-B  NEWPublic Law213
12685-G  AMDPublic Law213
125012 1 AMDPublic Law213
125012 2 AMDPublic Law213
125012 3 AMDPublic Law213
125013 7 AMDPublic Law213
1263042 AMDPublic Law213
1264217-A AMDPublic Law213
1264218 AMDPublic Law213
1264511 AMDPublic Law213
1265015 AMDPublic Law213
126505-A4 AMDPublic Law213
126505-B1A AMDPublic Law213
126505-B3 AMDPublic Law213
126505-B5 AMDPublic Law213
126505-C4 AMDPublic Law213
1265354 AMDPublic Law213
1265364 AMDPublic Law213
1266015 AMDPublic Law213
1266015-A AMDPublic Law213
1266025 AMDPublic Law213
1266511 AMDPublic Law213
1267015 AMDPublic Law213
1267025 AMDPublic Law213
1267034 AMDPublic Law213
1267314 AMDPublic Law213
1267455 AMDPublic Law213
1267465 AMDPublic Law213
1267484 AMDPublic Law213
126748-A4 AMDPublic Law213
126748-D4 AMDPublic Law213
1267514 AMDPublic Law213
1267911 AMDPublic Law213
126801-A5 AMDPublic Law213
1268033 AMDPublic Law213
1268034 AMDPublic Law213
1268047 AMDPublic Law213
1268048 AMDPublic Law213
1268086 AMDPublic Law213
1268087 AMDPublic Law213
126810-A8 AMDPublic Law213
1268516 AMDPublic Law213
126851-A4 AMDPublic Law213
1268524 AMDPublic Law213
1268536 AMDPublic Law213
1268546 AMDPublic Law213
1268556 AMDPublic Law213
1268575 AMDPublic Law213
1268633 AMDPublic Law213
1268644 AMDPublic Law213
1268645 AMDPublic Law213
12102029 AMDPublic Law213
12102063C AMDPublic Law213
12111093 AMDPublic Law213
12111095 AMDPublic Law213
12111097 AMDPublic Law213
12111099 AMDPublic Law213
12111513 AMDPublic Law213
12111543 AMDPublic Law213
12111551-B RPRPublic Law213
12122016C AMDPublic Law213
1212301-A3C AMDPublic Law213
12125016 AMDPublic Law213
12129121A AMDPublic Law213
12130561-AB AMDPublic Law213
12130568A AMDPublic Law213
12130568B AMDPublic Law213
12130581 RPRPublic Law213
12130583 AMDPublic Law213
12131041F AMDPublic Law213
12131043 AMDPublic Law213
12131044B AMDPublic Law213
12131551-AB AMDPublic Law213
20-A2536 AMDPublic Law213
20-A15126 AMDPublic Law213
20-A3253-A3-A RPPublic Law213
20-A54013-A NEWPublic Law213
20-A58062 AMDPublic Law213
20-A6910  AMDPublic Law213
20-A740719 AMDPublic Law213
20-A97035 AMDPublic Law213
20-A156717A AMDPublic Law213
20-A156717B AMDPublic Law213
20-A15671-A2B AMDPublic Law213
20-A15682  AMDPublic Law213
20-A15683-A  AMDPublic Law213
20-A156891B AMDPublic Law213
20-A156895A AMDPublic Law213
20-A1568910 NEWPublic Law213
20-A15689-A10 AMDPublic Law213
20-A15689-A12-A AMDPublic Law213
20-A15689-A16 AMDPublic Law213
20-A15689-A18 AMDPublic Law213
20-A15689-A19 NEWPublic Law213
20-A15689-B6 AMDPublic Law213
20-A156901 AMDPublic Law213
221714-B  AMDPublic Law213
221714-C  NEWPublic Law213
223174-LL  NEWPublic Law213
223174-MM  NEWPublic Law213
223174-NN  NEWPublic Law213
223174-OO  NEWPublic Law213
252374  AMDPublic Law213
2620318 AMDPublic Law213
28-A828 AMDPublic Law213
28-A828-A NEWPublic Law213
28-A4532-A AMDPublic Law213
28-A4532-C NEWPublic Law213
29-A52510 AMDPublic Law213
29-A24861 AMDPublic Law213
29-A24862 AMDPublic Law213
29-A26054 AMDPublic Law213
29-A2608 3 AMDPublic Law213
30-A42115D AMDPublic Law213
30-A42154 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44511 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44513 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44513-B NEWPublic Law213
30-A44515 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44516 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44533 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44534 AMDPublic Law213
30-A44535 RPPublic Law213
30-A56812C AFFPublic Law213
30-A56812C RPPublic Law213
30-A56812D AFFPublic Law213
30-A56812D RPPublic Law213
30-A56813 AFFPublic Law213
30-A56813 AMDPublic Law213
30-A56815 AFFPublic Law213
30-A56815 AMDPublic Law213
30-A56815-B AFFPublic Law213
30-A56815-B RPPublic Law213
30-A56815-C AFFPublic Law213
30-A56815-C NEWPublic Law213
30-A62016 AFFPublic Law213
30-A62016 AMDPublic Law213
30-A6202  AFFPublic Law213
30-A6202  AMDPublic Law213
30-A6204 1 AFFPublic Law213
30-A6204 1 AMDPublic Law213
34-A1217  NEWPublic Law213
34-A1801 1 AFFPublic Law213
34-A1801 1 AMDPublic Law213
34-A18035D AFFPublic Law213
34-A18035D AMDPublic Law213
34-A18035E AFFPublic Law213
34-A18035E AMDPublic Law213
34-A1805  AFFPublic Law213
34-A1805  AMDPublic Law213
34-A18067 AFFPublic Law213
34-A18067 AMDPublic Law213
361111-A AFFPublic Law213
361111-A AMDPublic Law213
361135 NEWPublic Law213
36176-B  NEWPublic Law213
36194  NEWPublic Law213
364572 AFFPublic Law213
364572 AMDPublic Law213
365781 AMDPublic Law213
366831 AFFPublic Law213
366831 AMDPublic Law213
36700-B2 AFFPublic Law213
36700-B2 AMDPublic Law213
362559  AMDPublic Law213
3640621-AA AFFPublic Law213
3640621-AA AMDPublic Law213
3640621-B AFFPublic Law213
3640621-B NEWPublic Law213
3640622 AFFPublic Law213
3640622 AMDPublic Law213
3640622-A AFFPublic Law213
3640622-A AMDPublic Law213
3640711-A AFFPublic Law213
3640711-A AMDPublic Law213
3644031 AFFPublic Law213
3644031 RPRPublic Law213
364404 1 AMDPublic Law213
3651221AA AMDPublic Law213
3651221BB AFFPublic Law213
3651221BB NEWPublic Law213
3651221CC NEWPublic Law213
3651221DD NEWPublic Law213
3651221Z AMDPublic Law213
3651222AA AMDPublic Law213
3651222BB AMDPublic Law213
3651222CC AFFPublic Law213
3651222CC NEWPublic Law213
3651222CC NEWPublic Law213
3651222H AMDPublic Law213
3651222P AMDPublic Law213
3651222V AMDPublic Law213
365124-A 1 AFFPublic Law213
365124-A 1 AMDPublic Law213
365200-A1T AMDPublic Law213
365200-A1T AMDPublic Law213
365200-A1U AMDPublic Law213
365200-A1U AMDPublic Law213
365200-A1V NEWPublic Law213
365200-A1V NEWPublic Law213
365200-A2H AMDPublic Law213
365200-A2L AMDPublic Law213
365200-A2R AMDPublic Law213
365200-A2R AMDPublic Law213
365200-A2S AMDPublic Law213
365200-A2S AMDPublic Law213
365200-A2T AFFPublic Law213
365200-A2T NEWPublic Law213
365200-A2T NEWPublic Law213
36521114 AFFPublic Law213
36521114 AMDPublic Law213
36521115B AFFPublic Law213
36521115B AMDPublic Law213
36521116-AA AFFPublic Law213
36521116-AA AMDPublic Law213
36521116-AB AFFPublic Law213
36521116-AB AMDPublic Law213
365219-S  AMDPublic Law213
365403  AFFPublic Law213
365403  AMDPublic Law213
3662071A-1 AMDPublic Law213
3662071B NEWPublic Law213
366591  NEWPublic Law213
366592  NEWPublic Law213
366593  NEWPublic Law213
366594  NEWPublic Law213
366595  NEWPublic Law213
3666521 AMDPublic Law213
3666561 AFFPublic Law213
3666561 AMDPublic Law213
38353-B2A AMDPublic Law213
38353-B7 NEWPublic Law213
38410-I3 NEWPublic Law213
38424-B  NEWPublic Law213