Maine Revised Statutes

§4002. Appeals; committee; duties; report

Any party interested in such decision under section 4001 may appeal therefrom to the Superior Court in said county within 30 days. All further proceedings before the commissioners shall be stayed until a decision is made in the appellate court. If no person appears to prosecute the appeal, the judgment of the commissioners shall be affirmed. If the appellant appears, the court may appoint a committee of 3 disinterested persons, who shall be sworn, and if one of them dies, declines or becomes interested, the court shall appoint another in his place and they shall cause notice to be given of the time and place of hearing before them by publication thereof in the state paper for 6 successive weeks, the last publication to be 14 days at least before the day of hearing, and personal notice to the appellant and to the chairman of the county commissioners, 30 days at least before the time set for hearing. They shall view the route, hear the parties and make their report to the court within 60 days or such further time as the court allows after their appointment, whether the judgment of the commissioners should be in whole or in part affirmed or reversed, which, being accepted and judgment thereon entered, shall forthwith be certified to the clerk of the commissioners. If the judgment of the commissioners in favor of laying out, grading or altering a way as prayed for is wholly reversed on appeal, the commissioners shall proceed no further. If their judgment is affirmed in whole or in part, they shall carry into effect the judgment of the appellate court. In all cases, they shall carry into full effect the judgment of the appellate court in the same manner as if made by themselves. The party appealing or prosecuting shall pay the costs incurred since the appeal, if so adjudged by the appellate court, which may allow costs in such cases to the prevailing party to be paid out of the county treasury. The committee shall be allowed a reasonable compensation for their services, to be fixed by the court upon the presentation of their report and paid from the county treasury upon the certificate of the clerk of courts. The costs allowed to the prevailing party and the fees of the committee shall be collected as provided in section 2053.