Maine Revised Statutes

§4001. Hearing

The county commissioners, on petition as provided in section 2051, may lay out, alter or discontinue a highway on any tract of land in their county not within any town or plantation required to raise money to make and repair highways. [1983, c. 471, §2 (AMD).]

If the county commissioners think that there ought to be a hearing, they shall cause notice to be given of the time and place appointed therefor, by service of an attested copy of the petition with their order thereon, upon the Department of Transportation and upon the owners of such lands, if known, 14 days before that time, and if unknown, by a publication thereof in any paper published in the county, or in the state paper if no paper is published in the county, for 6 successive weeks, the last, 30 days before that time. The names of the petitioners shall be printed by giving the name of the first signer and signifying how many others signed, as "John Doe and 20 others." No proceedings shall take place until it is proved that such notice has been given. [1971, c. 593, §22 (AMD).]

After hearing the parties at the time and place appointed, they may proceed as provided in section 2054.

1971, c. 593, §22 (AMD). 1983, c. 471, §2 (AMD).