Maine Revised Statutes

§2101. Lost or doubtful boundaries

When the true boundaries of highways or town ways duly located, or of which the location is lost, or which can only be established by user, are doubtful, uncertain or lost, the county commissioners of the county wherein such highway or town way is located, upon petition of the municipal officers of the town wherein the same lies, shall, after such notice thereon as is required for the location of new ways, proceed to hear the parties, examine said highway or town way, locate and define its limits and boundaries by placing stakes on side lines at all apparent intersecting property lines and at intervals of not more than 100 feet and cause durable monuments to be erected at the angles thereof at the expense of the town wherein said highway or town way lies, make a correct return of their doings, signed by them, accompanied by an accurate plan of the way. If any real estate is damaged by said action, they shall award damages to the owner as in laying out new highways, in the case of highways to be paid by the county and in the case of town ways to be paid by the town. Their return, made at the next regular statute session after the hearing, shall be placed on file and the case shall be continued to await a final decision respecting damages. Sections 2055 and 2056 shall be applicable to appeals for increase of damages under this section. Said municipal officers shall maintain all highway or town way monuments and replace them forthwith when destroyed. If any appeal for increase of damages is taken and the commissioners are of opinion that their proceedings or any part thereof ought not to take effect, they shall enter a judgment that the prayer of the original petitioners or any part thereof, designating what part, is not granted for that reason. Upon such judgment no damages shall be allowed for that part of the prayer of the petitioners not granted, but the costs shall be paid by the county.