Maine Revised Statutes

§2056. Damages; increase

When a notice of appeal for increase of damages is presented within the time allowed, the case shall be further continued until a final decision respecting damages is made. If the county commissioners then are of opinion that their proceedings, or any part thereof, ought not to take effect, subject to such damages as have been assessed, they shall enter a judgment that the prayer of the petitioners or any part thereof, designating what part, is not granted for that reason. Upon such judgment no damages shall be allowed for that part of the prayer of the petitioners not granted, but the costs shall be paid by the county; or if of opinion that such increase of damages should prevent a confirmation of a part or parts only of their proceedings, they shall designate such part or parts, and enter judgment accordingly; and the whole proceedings shall be recorded and become effectual. This section shall not apply when a location has been determined by a committee of the Superior Court upon appeal from the decision of the county commissioners thereon. In such case, proceedings regarding the location shall become effectual as if no appeal for increase of damages had been taken.