Maine Revised Statutes

§6357. Withdrawal -- Article VII

1. Notice.  This compact shall continue in force and remain binding on a party state until such state shall withdraw therefrom. To be valid and effective, any withdrawal must be preceded by a formal notice in writing of one year from the appropriate authority of that state. Such notice shall be communicated to the same officer or agency in each party state with which the notice of adoption was deposited pursuant to Article VI. In the event that a state wishes to withdraw with respect to one or more states, but wishes to remain a party to this compact with other states party thereto, its notice of withdrawal shall be communicated only to those states with respect to which withdrawal is contemplated.
2. Service of process.  Withdrawal shall not be effective as to service of process accomplished pursuant to this compact prior to the actual date of withdrawal.
3. Adoption.  Any state receiving a notice of adoption from another state may by action of its executive head within a year from the receipt of such notice in the manner provided for withdrawal in subsection 1 specify its intention not to be bound to the state depositing such notice and such adoption thereupon shall not be binding upon the state so acting.