Maine Revised Statutes

§4611. Vacating foreign attachments

In cases of foreign attachment, the same proceedings originated by any principal defendant may be had, except that the bond to the plaintiff shall be conditioned to pay the amount, if any, which he may finally recover against the trustees, with costs on the petition, within 30 days after judgment, not exceeding the amount of the judgment against the principal defendant. The court shall require the petitioner to give bond to each trustee named in the petition, with sureties, in a sum sufficient to protect him against any judgment recovered by the plaintiff and paid by him, and his legal costs in the action, and the costs allowed him by the court at the hearing on the petition, if he appears. Such bonds, when approved by the court, shall be filed in the clerk's office for the use of the trustees. The delivery of the copy and certificate to the trustees vacates the attachment of any goods, effects or credits in their hands belonging to the petitioner.