Maine Revised Statutes

§1425. Revival of a domestic business corporation after dissolution

1. Determination of need to revive corporation.  If the Secretary of State finds that a corporation has dissolved in any manner under this chapter and that the corporation should be revived for any specified purpose or purposes for a specific period of time, the Secretary of State may upon application by an interested party file a certificate of revival in a form or format prescribed by the Secretary of State for reviving the corporation.
[ 2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW) .]
2. Certificate of revival.  The certificate of revival must include:
A. The name of the corporation and its original date of incorporation; [2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW).]
B. The name of the domestic business corporation's clerk and the address of its clerk at the time of dissolution; [2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW).]
C. The name and address of the party or parties requesting the revival; [2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW).]
D. The purpose or purposes for which revival is requested; and [2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW).]
E. The time period needed to complete the purpose or purposes specified under paragraph D. [2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW).]
[ 2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW) .]
3. Notice of revival.  The Secretary of State shall issue a notice to the corporation to the address provided in subsection 2, paragraph C stating that the revival has been granted for the purpose or purposes and for the time period specified pursuant to the certificate of revival filed under this section.
[ 2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW) .]
4. Termination of revival.  When the time period specified in subsection 2, paragraph E has expired, the Secretary of State shall send a notice to the corporation at the address provided in subsection 2, paragraph C that the status of the corporation has returned to the status prior to filing the certificate of revival under this section.
[ 2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW) .]
2007, c. 231, §22 (NEW).