Maine Revised Statutes

§9901. Findings

The Legislature finds that in times of emergency in this State, such as during or after a storm, flood, fire, earthquake, hurricane or other disaster, businesses from other states provide assistance by bringing in resources and personnel to assist the State with the often enormous and overwhelming task of cleaning up, restoring and repairing damaged buildings, equipment and property. This provision of assistance may require out-of-state businesses, including out-of-state affiliates of businesses based in the State, to bring in resources, property or personnel that previously have had no connection to the State to perform activities in the State, including, but not limited to, repairing, renovating, installing, building, rendering services and engaging in other business activities, some of which may require that personnel from the businesses be located in the State for extended periods of time. [2011, c. 622, §1 (NEW).]

The Legislature further finds that, while these businesses are operating in the State providing assistance on a temporary basis solely for the purpose of helping the State recover from the disaster or emergency, these businesses and their employees should not be burdened by requirements for certain business and employee taxes as a result of such temporary activities. [2011, c. 622, §1 (NEW).]

To ensure that these businesses focus on responding quickly to the needs of the State and its citizens during a declared state disaster or emergency, the Legislature finds that it is appropriate to consider that such activity for a reasonable period of time during and after the disaster or emergency undertaken to repair and restore property and infrastructure in the State does not establish presence or residency in the State or constitute doing business in the State for purposes of subjecting the businesses to certain taxes or licensing and regulatory requirements. [2011, c. 622, §1 (NEW).]

2011, c. 622, §1 (NEW).