Maine Revised Statutes

§9043. Approval alternatives

1. Inspection agency.  Any manufacturer seeking inspection and approval of manufactured housing subject to the requirements of this subchapter may contract with an inspection agency authorized by the board to perform the necessary services in order to obtain approval of the manufactured housing.
[ 1981, c. 152, §14 (RPR) .]
2. Local option.  The provisions of this subchapter must be waived by the board with respect to manufactured housing that is installed in a municipality that has adopted a building code and has a local building code enforcement agency if:
A. The manufactured housing is found by the local enforcement agency to comply with the applicable local building code; and [1981, c. 152, §14 (NEW).]
B. The local enforcement agency reports the compliance to the board in such form and detail as the board may reasonably require. [2017, c. 210, Pt. B, §18 (AMD).]
[ 2017, c. 210, Pt. B, §18 (AMD) .]
3. Program of approval.  The board may provide a special program of approval to manufacturers who can demonstrate an unreasonable economic hardship resulting from the alternatives in subsections 1 and 2, except that in no case shall a program of unsupervised self-certification be authorized.
[ 1981, c. 152, §14 (NEW) .]
4. Certification.  The manufacturer of that housing, regardless of the approval alternative used, shall certify that the manufactured housing conforms to all applicable standards whether adopted by the board or local enforcement agency, as the case may be, and that manufacturer's certification must be permanently affixed to the manufactured housing in accordance with such requirements as the board may by rule prescribe. Affixation of a certificate to manufactured housing signifies the manufacturer's representation and warranty to all purchasers of the housing that the housing was manufactured in accordance with all applicable standards of the board or the local enforcement agency, as the case may be, in effect on the date of manufacture.
[ 2017, c. 210, Pt. B, §19 (AMD) .]
5. Documentation.  The manufacturer shall provide to an agency in accordance with this section for review and approval any required documents necessary to define the design, assembly and installation of the manufactured housing to be produced, including the quality assurance practices to be applied by the manufacturer.
[ 1981, c. 152, §14 (NEW) .]
6. Inspection and certification.  Manufactured housing produced by a manufacturer approved in subsection 5, shall be inspected by an approval agency in accordance with this section, and certified by that agency as having been constructed in accordance with the standards adopted by the board or local enforcement agency, as the case may be, provided the approval agency makes that determination.
[ 1981, c. 152, §14 (NEW) .]
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