Maine Revised Statutes

§9012. Confidential information

1. Reported information.  All information reported to or otherwise obtained by the board, its director or any of its employees which contains or relates to a trade secret, or which, if disclosed would put the person furnishing the information at a substantial competitive disadvantage, shall be considered confidential, except that the information may be disclosed to other federal, state or local officials concerned with enforcement of this chapter or when relevant in any proceeding under this chapter or any related law, rule or regulation.
[ 1977, c. 550, §1 (NEW) .]
2. Refusal to release information.  In any action brought against a member, officer or employee of the board pursuant to Title 1, section 410, for refusal to release information in the custody or control of the board, it shall be a defense if the defendant refused to release the information in the good faith belief that such information was rendered confidential by the terms of subsection 1.
[ 1977, c. 550, §1 (NEW) .]
3. State not liable.  No action for damages shall accrue against the State or the board, or the members, officers or employees of the board:
A. For the mistaken release of information rendered confidential by subsection 1. [1977, c. 550, §1 (NEW).]
[ 1977, c. 550, §1 (NEW) .]
1977, c. 550, §1 (NEW).