Maine Revised Statutes

§1373. Restrictions of use

1. Operator not to permit use for residential purposes.  An operator may not knowingly permit a leased space at a self-service storage facility to be used for residential purposes.
[ 1989, c. 62, (NEW) .]
2. Occupant not to use for residential purposes.  An occupant may not use a leased space for residential purposes.
[ 1989, c. 62, (NEW) .]
3. Occupant not to store certain goods.  An occupant is prohibited from storing goods that have a dangerous, harmful, offensive or noxious impact on the self-service storage facility or its surroundings or are a nuisance to self-service storage facility occupants, the operator or operator's employees.
A. If the operator has reason to believe that an occupant is storing goods that have resulted in a condition described in this subsection, the operator may remove and dispose of the goods thus causing that condition. [1989, c. 62, (NEW).]
B. Before disposing of goods under this subsection, the operator shall:
(1) Notify the occupant of the condition by regular mail at the occupant's last known address or other address set forth by the occupant in the rental agreement;
(2) Inspect the leased space at least 7 days following the notice to the occupant; and
(3) Determine whether a condition described in this subsection exists. [1989, c. 62, (NEW).]
C. Notwithstanding paragraph B, an operator may immediately dispose of goods under this section if they constitute a threat to health, safety or welfare. The operator shall immediately notify the occupant of this action following the procedures of paragraph B, subparagraph (1). [1989, c. 62, (NEW).]
[ 1989, c. 62, (NEW) .]
1989, c. 62, (NEW).