Maine Revised Statutes

§894. Labeling containers

Any person, partnership, association, firm or corporation shall not sell or offer for sale in any place, or serve in any hotel, restaurant or other public eating place any maple sugar, maple confection or candy or maple syrup or any product labeled or represented as such that is in any way combined, interfused or diluted with cane or other sugars or any substance without distinctly marking, stamping or labeling the article or the package containing the same or the advertisement of or menu statement thereof with an accurate and descriptive name of such article and in the case of maple sugar and maple syrup, the percentage in which maple sugar or maple syrup enters into its composition. In case of maple confection or candy a list of the ingredients thereof shall be listed in the order of their volume. The word "maple", "mapled", "mapleing" and words of similar import, except as printed in the percentage statement shall not appear in any manner on the said article in which a product of maple sap is so combined, interfused or diluted, unless the word "blend" appears immediately before, after, above or below said word or words of similar import in equal prominence with the word "maple" or similar term, or unless the term "maple flavored" appears in similar fashion on the label. [1967, c. 104, (NEW).]

1967, c. 104, (NEW).