Maine Revised Statutes

§893. Labeling of maple syrup

All containers of maple syrup sold or offered for sale for human consumption by any person, partnership, association, firm or corporation shall be labeled with the grade, the volume, name and address of the producer or packer, together with the producer's or packer's seal in such form as approved by the commissioner on the cap of the container which must be so affixed that the container cannot be opened until such seal is broken. Any marking which indicates pure Maine maple syrup shall be used exclusively upon pure maple syrup produced within the State of Maine and which has not been bleached or lightened in color by artificial means. [1979, c. 541, Pt. A, §57 (AMD).]

The words "Maine Maple" shall not be used alone or in combinations with other words on a label or container to designate the flavor of the contents unless all of the maple flavoring of the contents is a pure maple, produced in this State. [1967, c. 104, (NEW).]

1967, c. 104, (NEW). 1979, c. 541, §A57 (AMD).