Maine Revised Statutes

§87. Licensees ineligible for stipend

1. Distribution of profits as primary purpose.  A licensee is not eligible for a stipend if the licensee is an entity with stockholders or members and the commissioner determines that the primary purpose of the licensed entity is the distribution of profits to its members or stockholders.
[ 2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW) .]
2. Premiums on unregistered males prohibited.  A stipend may not be paid to any licensee offering or paying premiums on unneutered male animals over 6 months of age that are not recorded in the books of record for their respective breeds as recognized by the commissioner. The commissioner may make verification of breed records a part of the sworn certificate required under section 88, subsection 1, paragraph A.
[ 2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW) .]
2005, c. 563, §3 (NEW).