Maine Revised Statutes

§747. Adulteration

No person shall distribute an adulterated commercial fertilizer. A commercial fertilizer shall be deemed to be adulterated:

1. Quality, etc. not in conformity.  If its weight, composition, quality, strength or purity do not conform in each particular to the claims made upon the affixed guaranty;
2. Deleterious materials.  If it contains any material in sufficient amount to be deleterious to growing plants or any deleterious or harmful substances in sufficient amount to render it injurious to beneficial plant life, animals, humans, aquatic life, soil or water; or
[ 2001, c. 670, §4 (AMD) .]
3. Other materials.  If it is found to contain any pulverized leather, hair, ground hoofs, horns, wool waste, peat, garbage tankage or any nitrogenous ingredients derived from any inert material, unless the same has been so treated as to be available as plant food as determined by the methods adopted by AOAC International, without an explicit printed statement of fact, conspicuously affixed to the package of the fertilizer and accompanying and going with every lot or package of the same, in which fertilizer materials named in this subsection aid in making up the required or guaranteed analysis.
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2001, c. 670, §4 (AMD). 2007, c. 147, §5 (AMD).