Maine Revised Statutes

§745. Inspection, sampling and analysis

The commissioner shall inspect and sample for analysis in accordance with section 490 commercial fertilizers distributed within this State to the extent the commissioner considers necessary to determine compliance with this subchapter. The commissioner or the commissioner's agent is authorized to enter upon any public or private premises during regular business hours in order to have access to commercial fertilizers, subject to this subchapter and the rules adopted pursuant to section 748. [2015, c. 191, §6 (AMD).]

The methods of sampling, sample preparation and analysis are those adopted from sources such as AOAC International. The commissioner, in determining for administrative purposes whether a commercial fertilizer is deficient in any component, is guided solely by the official sample as defined and obtained and analyzed as provided for in this section. [2007, c. 147, §4 (AMD).]

When the inspection and analysis of an official sample indicate a commercial fertilizer has been adulterated or misbranded, the commissioner shall forward the results of the analysis to the distributor or manufacturer. Upon request within 30 days, the commissioner shall furnish to the registrant a portion of the sample concerned. [2005, c. 512, §42 (AMD).]

2005, c. 512, §42 (AMD). 2007, c. 147, §4 (AMD). 2015, c. 191, §6 (AMD).