Maine Revised Statutes

§2956. Records and fees

All dealers in any market designated by the commission shall keep the following records: [1975, c. 517, §5 (RPR).]

1. Names and addresses of producers or milk dealers.  A record of the quantity of all milk received or produced, detailed as to location and as to names and addresses of producers or milk dealers from whom received, or of importer of such milk into the State;
[ 1975, c. 517, §5 (RPR) .]
2. Use, location and market outlet.  A record of the quantity of all milk sold, detailed as to use, location and market outlet; and
[ 2005, c. 382, Pt. F, §17 (AMD) .]
3. Other records and information.  Such other records and information in such form and at such times as the commission may deem necessary for the proper enforcement of this chapter.
[ 1975, c. 517, §5 (RPR) .]

Each dealer shall furnish to that dealer's producers a statement of the amount of milk purchased, the price per hundredweight or pound, the total amount paid for each pay period, the itemized deductions for transportation and other services, the percentages of milk in each classification and the butterfat test, protein test and other solids test when weight and test method of payment is used, and shall pay Maine producers in accordance with section 2954-A. [2005, c. 382, Pt. F, §18 (AMD).]

Each licensed dealer shall pay to the commission an annual license fee of $1 and the sum of 5¢ per hundredweight as monthly payments, based on quantity of milk purchased or produced in any market area, or purchased or produced in an uncontrolled area and sold in any market area. Two and one-half cents per hundredweight may be deducted by dealers from amounts paid by them to producers of such milk, except that the milk farm-processed into cream for the manufacture of butter is not subject to such sums of 5¢ per hundredweight. [1999, c. 161, §1 (AMD).]

Dealers shall file reports together with the prescribed hundredweight fees with the commission at its office in Augusta not later than the 20th of the following month, on forms provided for this purpose, of all matters on account of which a record is required to be kept and such other information or facts as may be pertinent and material within the scope of this chapter; except that dealers who sell less than 100 quarts of milk per day may file reports and pay the prescribed hundredweight fees every 3 months. [1975, c. 517, §5 (RPR).]

In case the same milk is handled by more than one dealer, the first dealer within the State dealing in or handling said milk shall be deemed to be the milk dealer within the meaning of this section. For the purpose of computing fees as provided, 1/2 pint of cream shall be considered the equivalent of one quart of milk. [1975, c. 517, §5 (RPR).]

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