Maine Revised Statutes

§2955. Licenses

No dealer shall buy milk from producers or others for sale or shall process, distribute, sell or offer to sell milk in any market in the State designated by the commission unless duly licensed by the commission. No license shall be required of any person who produces or sells milk for consumption only on the premises of the producer or seller. Each person, before engaging in the business of a dealer in any market designated by the commission, shall make application to the commission for a license, which the commission is authorized to grant. No retailer shall sell or offer to sell milk in any market in the State which he has purchased in Maine from an unlicensed dealer. [1975, c. 517, §4 (AMD).]

The license year shall commence on January 1st and end December 31st following. Application for a license shall be made on a form prescribed by the commission.

Licenses required by this chapter shall be in addition to any other license required by law.

The District Court as designated by Title 4, chapter 5 may, upon proper evidence, decline to grant a license or may suspend or revoke a license already granted upon due notice and after hearing. Violation of this chapter or of any order, rule or regulation made, or conviction of violating any other law or regulation of the State relating to the production, distribution and sale of milk, is sufficient cause to suspend, revoke or withhold such license. [1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §21 (AMD); 1999, c. 547, Pt. B, §80 (AFF).]

Upon revocation or suspension of a license it shall not be reissued until the commission shall determine upon application and hearing that the cause for such revocation or suspension no longer exists, and that the applicant is otherwise qualified.

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