Maine Revised Statutes

§11116. Limitation

1. Debt obligations.  A joint standing committee may not review an agency rule which is part of official action towards issuance or securing repayment of bonds, notes or other debt obligations of the State, its instrumentalities or political subdivisions.
[ 1981, c. 524, §15 (NEW) .]
2. Review on committee's own motion.  This chapter shall not limit a committee from reviewing a rule on its own motion.
[ 1981, c. 524, §15 (NEW) .]
3. Failure to review.  The failure of a committee to review a rule or to recommend modification or termination is not an implied legislative authorization of its substantive or procedural lawfulness and shall not be considered for any purpose in a judicial proceeding. No legislative review of a rule may supersede the judicial review granted in section 8058 or 11001.
[ 1981, c. 524, §15 (NEW) .]
1981, c. 524, §15 (NEW).