Maine Revised Statutes

§11002. Commencement of action

1. Proceedings instituted.  Proceedings for judicial review of final agency action or the failure or refusal of an agency to act shall be instituted by filing a petition for review in the Superior Court for the county where:
A. One or more of the petitioners reside or have their principal place of business; [1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).]
B. The agency has its principal office; or [1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).]
C. The activity or property which is the subject of the proceeding is located. [1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).]
The court may grant a change of venue for good cause shown.
[ 1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW) .]
2. Petition; contents.  The petition for review shall specify the persons seeking review, the manner in which they are aggrieved and the final agency action or agency inaction which they wish reviewed. It shall also contain a concise statement as to the nature of the action or inaction to be reviewed, the grounds upon which relief is sought and a demand for relief, which may be in the alternative.
[ 1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW) .]
3. Petition filed.  The petition for review shall be filed within 30 days after receipt of notice if taken by a party to the proceeding of which review is sought. Any other person aggrieved shall have 40 days from the date the decision was rendered to petition for review. If the review sought is from an agency's failure or refusal to act, the petition for review shall be filed within 6 months of the expiration of the time within which the action should reasonably have occurred.
[ 1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW) .]
1977, c. 551, §3 (NEW).