Maine Revised Statutes

§323. Enforcement of board decision

Any decision of the board is enforceable by the Superior Court by any suitable process, including execution against goods, chattel and real estate and proceedings for contempt for willful failure or neglect to obey the orders or decrees of the court or in any other manner that decrees for equitable relief are enforced. Any party in interest may present copies, certified by the clerk of the board, of any order or decision of the board or of any memorandum of agreement approved by the board to the clerk of courts for the county in which the injury occurred or, if the injury occurred outside the State, to the clerk of courts for Kennebec County. Any Justice of the Superior Court shall then render a pro forma decision in accordance with the order, decision or memorandum and cause all interested parties to be notified. The decision has the same effect and all proceedings in relation to the decision are the same as though rendered in an action in which equitable relief is sought, duly heard and determined by the court. The decision must be for enforcement of a board decision, order or agreement. Appeals from a board decision, order or agreement must be in accordance with section 322. [1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §8 (NEW); 1991, c. 885, Pt. A, §§9-11 (AFF).]

1991, c. 885, §A8 (NEW). 1991, c. 885, §§A9-11 (AFF).