Maine Revised Statutes

§322. Appeal from decision of appellate division or board

1. Appeals.   Any party in interest may present a copy of the decision of the division or of the board, if the board has reviewed a decision pursuant to section 320, to the clerk of the Law Court within 20 days after receipt of notice of the filing of the decision by the division or the board. Within 20 days after the copy is filed with the Law Court, the party seeking review by the Law Court shall file a petition seeking appellate review with the Law Court that sets forth a brief statement of the facts, the error or errors of law that are alleged to exist and the legal authority supporting the position of the appellant. For purposes of an appeal from a decision issued pursuant to section 321-B, subsection 3, only a decision of the division may be reviewed on appeal.
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2. Procedures.  The Law Court shall establish and publish procedures for the review of petitions for appellate review of decisions of the board.
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3. Discretionary appeal; action.  Upon the approval of 3 or more members of a panel consisting of no fewer than 5 Justices of the Law Court, the petition for appellate review may be granted. If the petition for appellate review is denied, the decision of the board is final. The petition must be considered on written briefs only.
If the petition for appellate review is granted, the clerk of the Law Court shall notify the parties of the briefing schedule consistent with the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure and in all respects the appeal before the Law Court must be treated as an appeal in an action in which equitable relief has been sought, except that there may be no appeal upon findings of fact. The Law Court may, after due consideration, reverse, modify or affirm any decision of the board.
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