Maine Revised Statutes

39-A §201. Entitlement to compensation and services generally
39-A §202. Injury or death due to willful intention or intoxication
39-A §203. Incarceration of employee
39-A §204. Waiting period; when compensation payable
39-A §205. Benefit payment
39-A §206. Duties and rights of parties as to medical and other services; cost
39-A §207. Medical examinations of employees; acceptance of treatment or employment rehabilitation
39-A §208. Medical information
39-A §209. Medical fees; reimbursement levels (REPEALED)
39-A §209-A. Medical fee schedule
39-A §210. Medical utilization review
39-A §211. Maximum benefit levels
39-A §212. Compensation for total incapacity
39-A §213. Compensation for partial incapacity
39-A §214. Determination of partial incapacity
39-A §215. Death benefits
39-A §216. Burial expenses; incidental compensation
39-A §217. Employment rehabilitation
39-A §218. Worker reinstatement rights
39-A §219. Light-duty work pools
39-A §220. Reduction of benefits due to unemployment compensation
39-A §221. Coordination of benefits
39-A §222. Provisional payment of certain disability benefits
39-A §223. Presumption of earnings loss for retirees
39-A §224. Adjustment to partial incapacity benefit payments for injuries prior to November 20, 1987