Maine Revised Statutes

§585-I. MTBE

The following provisions apply to the sale of MTBE in the State. [2003, c. 638, §4 (NEW).]

1. Definition.  For purposes of this section, "MTBE" means the gasoline oxygenate methyl tertiary butyl ether.
[ 2003, c. 638, §4 (NEW) .]
2. Prohibition on sale.  Beginning January 1, 2007, a person may not sell, offer for sale, distribute or blend in this State gasoline that contains more than 1/2 of 1% by volume MTBE that is intended for sale to ultimate consumers in this State.
[ 2003, c. 638, §4 (NEW) .]
3. Emergency order.  Notwithstanding subsection 2, whenever the commissioner finds that a danger to public health or safety exists due to low supply of gasoline in the State, the commissioner may issue an emergency order waiving the sales prohibition in subsection 2.
[ 2003, c. 638, §4 (NEW) .]
2003, c. 638, §4 (NEW).