Maine Revised Statutes

§3552. Licensure; exceptions; penalty

1. Licensure required.  Except as otherwise provided, it is unlawful for an individual to practice or attempt to practice podiatry or to claim to be licensed as a podiatrist without first obtaining a license to practice podiatry as provided in this chapter.
[ 1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §230 (NEW) .]
2. Exceptions.  This chapter does not apply to an individual licensed to practice a healing art or science who is practicing podiatric medicine in the course of practice and within the scope of that license, to a commissioned medical or surgical officer of a United States Army, United States Navy or United States Marine hospital or public health service or to the sale of nonprescription foot appliances in commercial establishments.
[ 1993, c. 600, Pt. A, §230 (NEW) .]
3. Penalty.  A person who violates subsection 1 is subject to Title 10, section 8003-C.
[ 2007, c. 402, Pt. P, §1 (AMD) .]
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