Maine Revised Statutes

§226. Exceptions

1. Practices excepted.  Nothing in this chapter may be construed to affect or prevent the practice of:
A. Supervision by builders or superintendents employed by those builders of the installation of architectural or landscape architectural projects; [1991, c. 396, §21 (RPR).]
B. Marine or naval architects acting within the scope of their profession or occupation; [1991, c. 396, §21 (RPR).]
C. Officers or employees of the Federal Government engaged inside the State in the practice of architecture for the Federal Government; [1991, c. 396, §21 (RPR).]
D. Any person in the regular employment of a public utility carrying out work incidental to the person's employment; [1991, c. 396, §21 (RPR).]
E. Any person who is qualified under section 1251 to use the title "professional engineer" from performing any professional engineering service as authorized in section 1251. Such service includes, but is not limited to consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning, design and responsible supervision and administration of construction contracts in connection with any public or private utilities, structures, buildings, machines, equipment, processes, works or projects, and technical submissions, provided the person does only architectural or landscape architectural work that is incidental to the person's engineering work; [1991, c. 874, §2 (RPR).]
F. Officers or employees of the Federal Government or State Government using the title "transportation landscape architect" in the practice of landscape architecture in connection with their governmental employment; [1991, c. 396, §21 (NEW).]
G. The preparation of details and shop drawings, or job-specific interpretations of technical submissions by architects, by persons other than architects, for use in connection with the execution of their work; [1993, c. 389, §16 (AMD).]
H. Employees of those practicing lawfully as architects under this chapter from acting under the instructions, control or supervision of their employers; and [1993, c. 389, §16 (AMD).]
I. A person who is qualified under this chapter to use the title "certified interior designer" from performing any interior design services. [1993, c. 389, §17 (NEW).]
[ 1993, c. 389, §§16,17 (AMD) .]
2. Technical submissions; construction or development.  Nothing in this chapter may be construed to prevent any person from preparing technical submissions for, or administering construction contracts in, the erection, construction or development of:
A. Detached single or 2-family dwellings, including those to be utilized for home occupations, as defined by local ordinances, and sheds, storage buildings and garages incidental to the dwellings; [1991, c. 874, §3 (AMD).]
B. Farm buildings, including barns, silos, sheds or housing for farm equipment and machinery, livestock, poultry or storage, if the structures are designed to be occupied by no more than 10 persons; [1991, c. 874, §3 (AMD).]
C. Alterations, renovations or remodeling of a building when the cost of the work contemplated by the design does not exceed 15% of the assessed value of the building or $50,000, whichever is the lesser, or does not require the issuance of a permit under applicable building codes or when the work involves those structures as provided in paragraphs A, B, F, G and H or when the work involves interior design services performed by a certified interior designer; [1993, c. 680, Pt. A, §28 (RPR).]
D. [1991, c. 396, §21 (RP).]
E. [1991, c. 396, §21 (RP).]
F. Buildings that do not have as their principal purpose human occupancy or habitation; [1991, c. 874, §4 (NEW).]
G. Single-story, above-grade buildings of less than 1,000 square feet that are designed to be occupied by no more than 10 persons; and [1991, c. 874, §4 (NEW).]
H. Preengineered manufactured buildings. For the purposes of this section, "preengineered manufactured building" means a structural unit, other than a dwelling, that is designed by a person licensed as an engineer in the State and is constructed in a manufacturing facility. [1991, c. 874, §4 (NEW).]
[ 1993, c. 680, Pt. A, §28 (AMD) .]
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