Maine Revised Statutes

§15118. Inspection charge

The owner or user of each boiler or pressure vessel required by this chapter to be inspected by the chief inspector or a deputy inspector shall pay an inspection fee or fees as set under section 15104-C. Not more than one inspection fee may be collected for the inspection of any one boiler or pressure vessel made in any one year, unless additional inspections are required by the owners or users of the boiler or pressure vessel or unless the boiler or pressure vessel has been inspected and an inspection certificate has been refused, withheld or withdrawn or unless an additional inspection is required because of the change of location of a stationary boiler or pressure vessel. [2013, c. 70, Pt. C, §32 (AMD).]

The fees for additional inspections required by the code must be paid by the boiler owner or contractor and those fees must include the wages and expenses of the inspector. [1995, c. 560, Pt. H, §14 (NEW); 1995, c. 560, Pt. H, §17 (AFF).]

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