Maine Revised Statutes

§13794. Labeling of prescriptions

Every drug dispensed pursuant to prescription, whether for a legend drug or not, must carry on the label the following information: the prescription number; the date of filling; the patient's name; directions for use; the name and strength of the drug and the amount dispensed, including either the brand name of the drug or, if a generic and therapeutically equivalent drug is dispensed it must be in accordance with section 13781; the beyond use date of the drug; the name of the practitioner prescribing the drug; and the name, address and telephone number of the pharmacy where the prescription was compounded and dispensed. For purposes of this section, "beyond use date" means a date beyond which the contents of the prescription are not recommended to be used. [1999, c. 130, §14 (AMD).]

A drug dispensed in accordance with the provisions of Title 22, chapter 251, subchapter 3, article 5 does not require the name of the patient's sexual partner on the label. [2009, c. 533, §5 (NEW).]

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