Maine Revised Statutes

§1354. Examinations

Examinations required on fundamental engineering subjects may be taken as provided in section 1352-A. The principles and practices of engineering examinations may not be taken until the applicant has completed a period of engineering experience as set forth in section 1352-A. [2013, c. 296, §5 (AMD).]

The passing grade on any examination is established by the board. If an applicant receives a failing grade on the principles and practices of engineering examination, that applicant may be readmitted to 2 subsequent examinations. An applicant who fails to complete the application process within 5 years, or who fails the principles and practices of engineering examination a 3rd time must reapply to the board, meet qualification requirements that are in effect at the time of the new application and present 3 new references and new documentation for each subsequent request for reexamination satisfactory to the board that the applicant has acquired additional education and experience and is prepared to retake the examination. Upon approval by the board, that applicant may be permitted to retake the examination. [2013, c. 296, §5 (AMD).]

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