Maine Revised Statutes

§4482-B. Finality of municipal land use decision

For the purposes of this chapter and except as provided in section 2691, a municipal land use decision is a final decision when an application for a project requiring the approval of one or more municipal boards has received all required municipal administrative approvals by the board of appeals, the planning board or municipal reviewing authority, a site plan or design review board, a historic preservation review board and any other review board created by municipal charter or ordinance. An appeal may not be filed under this section prior to the review and final approval of a project by each applicable municipal administrative review board, except that a denial of an application by a municipal administrative review board is considered a final decision even if other municipal administrative approvals are required for the project and remain pending. An appeal of the denial under this chapter must be in accordance with the requirements of the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure, Rule 80B. [2017, c. 241, §6 (NEW).]

2017, c. 241, §6 (NEW).