Maine Revised Statutes

Title 30-A, Chapter  141: ORDINANCES
30-A §3001. Ordinance power
30-A §3002. Enactment procedure
30-A §3003. Adoption of codes by reference
30-A §3004. Revision, codification and publication
30-A §3005. Ordinances available
30-A §3006. Proof of ordinances
30-A §3007. Specific ordinance provisions
30-A §3008. Ordinances relating to cable television systems
30-A §3009. Authority of municipal officers to enact ordinances
30-A §3009-A. Enforcement of municipal ordinances
30-A §3010. Consumer rights and protection relating to cable television service
30-A §3011. Regulation of sport shooting ranges
30-A §3012. Radio antenna towers; construction in conformance with federal requirements
30-A §3013. Solar energy devices; ordinances
30-A §3014. Ordinances regarding residency restrictions for sex offenders (REALLOCATED FROM TITLE 30-A, SECTION 3013)