Maine Revised Statutes

Title 28-A, Chapter  29: LICENSE RESTRICTIONS
28-A §701. Proximity to schools; exception
28-A §702. Certain clubs ineligible (REPEALED)
28-A §703. Employment of violators prohibited
28-A §703-A. Prohibition of employment of violators as retail employees
28-A §704. Employment of minors
28-A §704-A. Employment of law enforcement officers (REPEALED)
28-A §705. Sales for cash; sales to certain persons restricted
28-A §706. Identification cards
28-A §707. Licensee not to be indebted, obligated or involved
28-A §707-A. Exceptions to indebtedness or operations limitations
28-A §708. Prohibited discounts and rebates
28-A §708-A. In-pack sweepstakes, contests and games
28-A §708-B. Donations to public broadcasting stations and incorporated civic organizations
28-A §709. Prohibition of certain practices
28-A §710. Advertising signs
28-A §711. Advertising strength of malt liquor (REPEALED)
28-A §712. Advertising or sale of malt liquor or wine by trade name
28-A §713. Selling malt liquor or wine from truck
28-A §714. Malt liquor sales in kegs