Maine Revised Statutes

§969. Municipal personnel board or civil service authority

Nothing in this chapter shall diminish the authority and power of any municipal civil service commission or personnel board or its agents established by statute, charter or special act to conduct and grade merit examinations and to rate candidates in the order of their relative excellence from which appointments or promotions may be made to positions in the competitive division of the classified service of the municipal employer served by such a civil service commission or personnel board. The conduct and the grading of merit examinations, the rating of candidates and the establishment of lists from such examinations and the appointments from such lists shall not be subject to collective bargaining. If a collective bargaining agreement between a public employer and a bargaining agent contains provisions for binding arbitration of grievances involving the following matters: The demotion, lay-off, reinstatement, suspension, removal, discharge or discipline of any public employee, such provisions shall be controlling in the event they are in conflict with any authority and power, involving such matters, of any such municipal civil service commission or personnel board or its agents. [1969, c. 424, §1 (NEW).]

1969, c. 424, §1 (NEW).