Maine Revised Statutes

§568. Appeals

Any person aggrieved by an order or act of the director or of an inspector of the bureau or wishing to contest any citation or penalty issued under sections 45 and 46 may, within 15 working days after notice thereof, appeal from the order, act, citation or penalty to the board, which shall hold a hearing pursuant to Title 5, section 9051 et seq., and the board shall, after the hearing, issue an appropriate order either approving, disapproving or modifying the order, act, citation or penalty. [1977, c. 694, §462 (RPR).]

Any such order of the board or any rule or regulation formulated by the board shall be subject to review by the Superior Court, pursuant to Title 5, section 8058 or section 11001 et seq. [1977, c. 694, §462 (RPR).]

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