Maine Revised Statutes

§2450. Examinations by Department of Public Safety

The Commissioner of Public Safety shall adopt, in accordance with requirements of the Maine Administrative Procedure Act, a schedule of fees for the examination of all plans for construction, reconstruction or repairs submitted to the Department of Public Safety. The fee schedule for new construction or new use is 5¢ per square foot for occupied spaces and 2¢ per square foot for bulk storage occupancies, except that a fee for review of a plan for new construction by a public school may not exceed $450. The fee schedule for reconstruction, repairs or renovations is based on the cost of the project and may not exceed $450, except as provided in section 2450-A. Except for projects reviewed by a municipality pursuant to section 2448-A, the fees must be credited to a special revenue account to defray expenses in carrying out this section. Any balance of the fees may not lapse, but must be carried forward as a continuing account to be expended for the same purpose in the following fiscal years. For projects reviewed by a municipality that include occupied spaces, a 1¢ fee per square foot must be remitted to the Department of Public Safety and a 4¢ fee per square foot must be paid to the municipality. [2009, c. 364, §3 (AMD).]

A municipality is prohibited from charging a developer a fee that is in excess of the 4¢ fee per square foot for fire code permits. This limitation does not prohibit a municipality from charging fees for other construction-related permits. [2009, c. 364, §3 (NEW).]

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