Maine Revised Statutes

§2393. Buildings repaired or demolished; complaint to enforce order

If any person fails to comply with the order of any officer under section 2392 or with the decision of the Commissioner of Public Safety on review and within the time fixed, then such officer or the Commissioner of Public Safety may file a complaint in the Superior Court in the county where the building or premises is located to enforce the order of said officer or the Commissioner of Public Safety. After notice and hearing, the court shall make such order, judgment or decree as law and justice may require, or the court may authorize the municipality to cause such building or premises to be forthwith repaired, torn down or demolished and such materials removed and all dangerous conditions remedied, as the case may be, at the expense of the municipality in which such property is situated. If the owner thereof, within 30 days after notice in writing of the amount of such expense, fails, neglects or refuses to repay said municipality the expense thereby incurred, a special tax may be assessed by the assessors against the land on which said building was located for the amount of such expenses, and such amount shall be included in the next annual warrant to the tax collector of said municipality for collection, and shall be collected in the same manner as other state, county and municipal taxes are collected. [1973, c. 632, §3 (AMD).]

1971, c. 592, §35 (AMD). 1973, c. 632, §3 (AMD).