Maine Revised Statutes

§2392. Inspection by State Fire Marshal; removal of dangerous matter; appeal; exits

The State Fire Marshal or public safety inspectors, upon the complaint of a person or whenever they determine it necessary, may inspect all buildings and premises within their jurisdiction. The State Fire Marshal or a public safety inspector may forbid the use of a building or other structure that does not conform to the laws, ordinances and rules adopted by the Commissioner of Public Safety or enforceable by the commissioner, pursuant to section 2396, and that creates a danger to other property or to the public. The State Fire Marshal or a public safety inspector shall serve an order in writing upon the owner and the occupant, if any, to repair or remove the building or structure or part of the building or structure and to vacate the building or structure within a reasonable time to be stated in the order. The owner or occupant may within 24 hours appeal the order to the Commissioner of Public Safety, who shall, within 30 days after notice to the owner or occupant and a hearing, review the order and file a decision. The commissioner's decision is final and must be complied with within such time as may be fixed in the order or decision of the commissioner. [1997, c. 728, §16 (AMD).]

An owner or occupant who neglects to comply with the order is guilty of a Class E crime, except that a fine of not less than $100 must be imposed for each conviction. [1997, c. 728, §16 (AMD).]

Every hospital, sanatorium, convalescent home, nursing home, rest home or other institution for the hospitalization or nursing care of human beings must between sundown and sunrise maintain lighted exitways and all main exit doors must be hung to swing outward. [1997, c. 728, §16 (AMD).]

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