Maine Revised Statutes

§6402. Definitions

As used in this Act, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings. [1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW).]

1. Accredited state.  "Accredited state" means a state in which the insurance department or regulatory agency has qualified as meeting the minimum financial regulatory standards promulgated and established by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
2. Broker.  "Broker" means any person who is not an agent of the insurer and as an independent contractor solicits, negotiates or procures insurance or annuity contracts or the renewal or continuation of those contracts on behalf of insureds or prospective insureds other than the broker.
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
3. Control or controlled.  "Control" or "controlled" has the same meaning as set out in section 222, subsection 2, paragraph B.
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
4. Controlling broker.  "Controlling broker" means a broker who directly or indirectly controls an insurer.
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
5. Controlled insurer.  "Controlled insurer" means a licensed insurer that is controlled directly or indirectly by a broker.
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
6. Licensed insurer or insurer.  "Licensed insurer" or "insurer" means any person licensed to transact a property or casualty insurance business, or both, in this State. The following, inter alia, are not licensed insurers for the purposes of this chapter:
A. All risk retention groups as defined in the federal Superfund Amendments Reauthorization Act of 1986, Public Law No. 99-499, 100 Stat. 1613 (1986) and the Risk Retention Act, 15 United States Code, Section 3901 et seq. and the Maine Liability Risk Retention Act; [1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW).]
B. All residual market pools and joint underwriting authorities or associations; and [1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW).]
C. All captive insurers, which for the purposes of this chapter are insurance companies owned by another organization whose exclusive purpose is to insure risks of the parent organization and affiliated companies or, in the case of groups and associations, insurance organizations owned by the insureds whose exclusive purpose is to insure risks to member organizations or group members and their affiliates. [1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW).]
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
7. Producer.  "Producer" means an insurance producer licensed pursuant to chapter 16.
[ 1997, c. 457, §53 (AMD); 1997, c. 457, §55 (AFF) .]
8. Subproducer.  "Subproducer" means a producer who, for shared commission or other recompense, places business with a controlled insurer through a controlling broker.
[ 1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW) .]
1991, c. 828, §33 (NEW). 1997, c. 457, §53 (AMD). 1997, c. 457, §55 (AFF).