Maine Revised Statutes

§2176. Funeral and burial service contracts prohibited

An insurer may not contract or agree with any funeral director, funeral establishment, mortuary establishment, cemetery, cemetery corporation or association, crematorium, mausoleum or columbarium or any representative of any of these directors or establishments to the effect that the director or establishment shall conduct the funeral, burial, or cremation or other disposal of the remains of any individual insured by the insurer. An insurer may not retain, utilize or employ any director or establishment as a producer or agency of the insurer and a director or establishment may not act as or purport to be an insurance producer or engage in insurance producer activities. Nothing in this section prevents compliance with Title 39-A, section 216, or the use of an insurance policy, including, subject to the provisions of section 2420, the assignment of rights under life insurance contracts, to provide security for the payment for a funeral, burial or cremation or, subject to chapter 27, the naming of a funeral home or funeral director as beneficiary under a life insurance policy to provide payment for a funeral, burial or cremation. Nothing in this section prohibits the use of an insurance policy as an investment by a mortuary trustee pursuant to Title 32, section 1401. [1999, c. 258, §1 (AMD).]

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