Maine Revised Statutes

Title 24-A, Chapter  27: THE INSURANCE CONTRACT
24-A §2401. Scope of chapter
24-A §2402. "Policy" defined
24-A §2403. "Premium" defined
24-A §2404. Insurable interest -- personal insurance
24-A §2405. Insurable interest -- exception when certain institutions designated beneficiary
24-A §2406. Insurable interest, property
24-A §2407. Power to contract -- purchase of insurance and annuities by minors
24-A §2408. Consent of insured for health and life insurance
24-A §2409. Alteration of application, life and health insurance
24-A §2410. Application; statements; as evidence
24-A §2411. Representations in applications
24-A §2411-A. Payment of fees for filings
24-A §2412. Filing, approval of forms
24-A §2412-A. Large commercial contracts
24-A §2413. Grounds for disapproval
24-A §2414. Standard provisions, in general
24-A §2415. Charter, bylaw provisions
24-A §2416. Execution of policies
24-A §2417. Underwriters' and combination policies
24-A §2418. Validity and construction of noncomplying forms
24-A §2419. Delivery of policy as to motor vehicle insurance
24-A §2420. Assignability; rights of insurer, assignee
24-A §2421. Renewal of policy
24-A §2422. Notice to, knowledge of agent binding on insurer
24-A §2423. Forms for proof of loss to be furnished
24-A §2424. Claims administration not waiver
24-A §2425. Payment discharges insurer
24-A §2426. Advance payments
24-A §2427. Minor may give acquittance (REPEALED)
24-A §2428. Exemption of proceeds -- life, endowment, annuity, accident contracts
24-A §2429. Exemption of proceeds, health insurance
24-A §2430. Exemption of proceeds, group insurance
24-A §2431. Exemption of proceeds, individual annuity contracts; assignability of rights
24-A §2432. Exemption of employee's interest -- group annuities, pension trusts
24-A §2433. Jurisdiction of courts, limitation of actions
24-A §2434. Suits against foreign insurers
24-A §2436. Interest on overdue payments
24-A §2436-A. Unfair claims settlement practices
24-A §2436-B. Declaratory judgment actions involving insurance policies
24-A §2437. Procedures covered by health insurance policies whether performed by physician or dentist
24-A §2438. Short title
24-A §2439. Definitions
24-A §2440. Applicability
24-A §2441. Minimum policy language simplification standards
24-A §2442. Construction
24-A §2443. Powers of the superintendent
24-A §2444. Approval of forms
24-A §2445. Effective dates
24-A §2450. Eligibility for health insurance in certain cases
24-A §2451. Minimum 3-month policy for motor vehicle liability insurance (REPEALED)
24-A §2452. Employee benefit excess insurance; nondiscrimination; prohibited clauses
24-A §2453. Effective date of cancellation