Maine Revised Statutes

§54. Highway openings

Wherever highways maintained by the State are affected, whether the highways are situated in cities, towns or plantations, the department has all and the same rights, powers and duties in connection therewith as are granted to cities in city streets by sections 3351 to 3359, and to cities and towns by Title 35-A, sections 2306 and 2310. Whenever the opening fee provided by section 3354 or by Title 35-A, section 2510, has been paid to the department and a permit for digging up and opening a highway maintained by the State has been issued by the department, the holder of the permit is entitled to make the opening described therein without the payment of fees to the city or town or village corporation in which the street, road or highway to be opened is situated. [1997, c. 393, Pt. A, §24 (AMD).]

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