Maine Revised Statutes

§3354. Record of permits kept; fees

The road commissioner, the commissioner of public works or such officer as the municipal officers may appoint in the absence of a commissioner shall keep a record of all permits granted by that person, work done by the municipal employees excepted. The applicant shall pay to the municipal treasurer for every permit for making an excavation within the driveways of any public highway paved with broken stone, concrete, bitulithic, granite block, brick, wood block, sheet asphalt or other pavements fees established by the municipal officers. Those fees may not exceed the reasonable cost of replacement of the excavated pavement and base material as well as inspections performed by or for the municipality. The requirement for municipal inspections must bear a reasonable relationship to the complexity of the project or the performance history of the permittee. All such fees paid to the municipal treasurer must be regularly accounted for in the treasurer's report to the municipal officers and constitute a special fund for the repaving of excavations, repair of any roadway adjacent to the excavations and inspections. When such excavations are repaired or inspected by the municipality, the cost must be charged to the special fund. Municipal ordinances and regulations governing activities conducted in accordance with this subchapter may not be arbitrary or capricious. [1999, c. 337, §5 (AMD).]

1999, c. 337, §5 (AMD).